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Build muscle with a focused bulking phase

I want to give you what I think is the simplest and probably the most accurate method to calculate maintenance calories for beginner. So if you’re looking to build muscle with a focused bulking phase or lose fat with a cutting phase, then regardless of what anyone tries to tell you on the nutritional side of things managing your net energy balance, so your total calories in versus your total calories out, is the most important baseline factor in your entire diet with ibutamoren.

And it’s the underlying foundation that everything else gets built upon, your macronutrient breakdown,your food selection your meal timing, your supplements all of that comes after you’ve figured out how many calories you need to be consuming per day based on your goal. And figuring out your calorie maintenance level, so how many calories you need to consume per day to maintain your current weight, that’s the very first step in the process so that you can then add the necessary calorie surplus on top of it for bulking, or the calorie deficit needed to stimulate fat loss.

Now, the normal route that most people go when they’re trying to figure out their maintenance calories is they use a calorie calculator. There’s a bunch of different ones out there, the Harris-Benedict formula to Katch McArdle formula, now there’s basic body weight multipliers, and all those methods can have their place and they can work fine for a lot of people, especially if you are in within, at least,a moderate body fat percentage and your activity level is somewhere around average.

I’ve used calculators personally and I’ve recommended them to others as well to use as a basic starting point, but the downside is that depending on the person and depending on certain factors involved, sometimes they can be fairly inaccurate. And that’s because, well, for starters differences in body fat percentage are gonna have an impact on your resting metabolic rate because the more lean mass you carry the more calories you’re gonna burn, and calculating your body fat percentage itself is also really difficult to do accurately.

And then on top of that the type of lifestyle that you lead in terms of how active your job is, or how much you walk per day, that can easily add up to several hundred or a thousand calories or more per day in terms of your total expenditure. And then also the activity multipliers that the calculators use are also just rough estimatesas well.

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