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Uses of AA Chips

It is not easy to know what certain accomplishments mean to different people unless you understand the meaning behind them. You may have run a marathon, but unless someone else knows what it takes to complete one, they would not fully appreciate the occasion. It is the case with getting sober. Alcohol addiction is a problem that only those with it and those affected understand. All efforts you make to recover will be something to rejoice over. An important marker of such occasions is the AA chip system.

AA chips are tokens that are used to mark the time one has been sober. The chips are normally decorated with some meaningful symbols. There are the AA circle and triangle icon, which help you keep in mind the lessons gathered on the road towards complete recovery. There is also the serenity prayer on the back, to serve as motivation.

These chips serve as great motivators, but they also help to keep you grounded in the process. They will tell you the period you have been sober so that you do not do anything that could see you lose such progress and have to start all over.

The AA chip system comes with certain rules you need to adhere to in the process. You will receive the one day chip, for example. That the occasion is critical, as it shows you have decided to take the hard route. The commitment it signifies means you will treasure that chip. It celebrates your first 24 hours sober. You get to receive it once you go 24 hours sober. They are normally white to show it is a new start.

You will then move to a chip each month you are sober after that. You will see the color-coded, with 30-day chips as red, 60-day chips as old, and 90-day chips as green. Each AA group can modify the colors if they so wish. You need to keep collecting them until you hit the yearlong milestone.

Once you are sober an entire year, you will receive the one-year chip, normally bronze in color. You will keep getting another one for each year sober after that.

The AA chip system has proven to be so effective other addiction recovery programs are also using it. There are also instances of people coming up with their unique chip system for their Alcohol addiction recovery process. You can, for example, rely on the same system to mark occasions when you have successfully completed the steps toward weight loss management.

When you are ready to stop the abusive relationship with alcohol, you need to fully commit to the process. Do not think it will be something you easily manage. You need to keep reminding yourself why you decided to top in the first place. The AA chip system help you see the bigger picture.

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