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Reasons Why Online Retailers Have Models Displaying Fashion and Clothing Brands

When women shop for clothing in a brick-and-mortar store, they have the distinct advantage of being able to try on the outfits. Even before doing so, they can look at mannequins around the store and imagery of models wearing various items from the store. An online retailer selling women’s Fashion and clothing brands can use the strategy of displaying photos of models wearing the items for sale. That gives customers a good sense of how these pieces look when they are not simply displayed on hangers.

Sales and Customer Service

It costs less for online retailers to use hangers and even mannequins, but marketing research verifies that sales are higher when photos show human models wearing the products. This is a reason why an online women’s clothing boutique like Filly Flair chooses to do so. In addition, it’s a form of customer service, since it’s easier for their customers to see how various features of the clothing look when it’s actually being worn.

A Professional Standard

Models also indicate that the retailer adheres to a professional standard that can be expected of those with excellent products and superb customer service. It’s best to have several models who do not look particularly similar. Nevertheless, they do not have to be professionals, although hiring a few professionals for specific projects can be an ideal option. These models might be featured on the main pages, landing pages and storefront, as well as in larger feature photos.

Visualizing Possibilities

When women browse through an online retail shop, they like seeing the models wearing combinations that they might consider. When they see picture of short-sleeved tops, this doesn’t help them visualize as well as images of women wearing those tops with dressy jeans, casual jeans and skirts. If the store sells shoes, photos that include these products with a full outfit also can be shown occasionally.

Online stores already have the distinct advantage of convenience. People still buy clothes at stores in malls and downtown, of course, but they appreciate not having to drive around and look at various shops. Relaxing in front of the computer with a cup of coffee or a glass of wine is more enjoyable.

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