Learning More About Intermodal Transportation

There is a great need for a smooth shipment of products from one place to another, and hence the reason behind the high growth of logistics in many parts of the world. Time is a key resource in the growth, expansion and general success of any type of a business, which is, therefore, the reason why great emphases have been laid on boosting logistics or transportation for more time-efficiency. The growth of transportation around the world hassled to new form of shipment known as intermodal transportation, which is our topic of discussion in this article. In the intermodal transportation, the goods or items on transit are switched from one mode of transport to another. For more understanding of what intermodal transportation is, I would encourage you to go through the various forms or types of intermodal transportation and what they entail. Below are some types of intermodal transportation that are common around the world.

The first category of intermodal transportation is the piggy back transportation. Piggy back is a form of intermodal transportation where goods are transferred either from the rail to the road or vice versa. Fishy back is the other type of intermodal transportation that is very popular during the exportation of cargo by water, and in this form of intermodal transportation, water ship and trucks are combined for a smooth transportation of cargo. The combination of water and rail transportation (train ship) is the other form of intermodal transportation. The combination of road and air transportation is also very common in almost every country across the world (air truck).

A large number of organizations around the world highly prefer switching their cargo from one mode of transportation to another (intermodal transportation) because of the benefits and advantages it offers. Here are some of the few reasons why intermodal transportation is very vital. The first reason why intermodal transportation is very good compared to only one mode of transportation is because of the high flexibility in the transportation of cargo. The high level of flexibility offered by the intermodal transportation ensures that the needs and requirements of the cargo owners are maximally met and satisfied. The other reason why intermodal transportation is very good is because of the minimization of transportation costs. Intermodal transportation has also become a very good solution for overcoming various geographical and physical barriers like terrains, hills, valleys and others, and a good example of an intermodal transportation that can help you easily overcome the physical barriers is the air truck. Intermodal transportation also helps to break bulk, thus promoting easier transportation. The other reason why intermodal transportation is good is because of the minimization of accidents, thefts, and other risks during transportation.

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